Our Hiring Process: What you can expect as a candidate

At Rathbones, we see our hiring process as an opportunity to invest in the future of our business.  We offer varied and long-lasting career opportunities that enable our people to thrive, and we are always looking for the next great talent.  

Equality is central to our hiring process. We aim to create equal opportunities through our interview process, and we will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable at each stage.  


“My experience of the hiring process was really positive. The communication from People Support and Sarah (my line manager), made me feel prepared and ready for starting at Rathbones, with all of the information I needed. I had a full timetable for my first two weeks, which meant I knew exactly what I was doing and could hit the ground running. The whole experience was really well organised and made me feel included and welcomed straight away.” – Jane Wright, Client Service Executive - Financial Planning (London)

A talent-driven hiring process

We want to help you feel confident and prepared as a candidate. The hiring process might vary depending on the nature and seniority of the role, but we will always provide:

  • Fair review of the applications we receive
  • Initial screening interview or call
  • Up to three-stage interview process, with experienced interviewers
  • Feedback for each candidate after interview

Respect and professionalism are part of our DNA. Just as we look for the right people, we encourage you to make sure that Rathbones is the right fit for you. We welcome questions and will be open with you about the careers we offer and where they could take you.

“The information I was given during the interviews was a very accurate picture of what life is like at Rathbones. It's great to know that the role was not mis-sold in any way – it meant I could start getting involved with projects straight away.” – Abid Mohammed, CV Designer - Change & Transformation (Glasgow) 

Enabling everyone to succeed at Rathbones

Our employees are all at various life stages. That is why we have a number of flexible benefits to give you security and a level of choice over which support you need throughout your career at Rathbones. Our employee benefits fall into four categories:

  • Financial and protection
  • Physical and emotional
  • Lifestyle, family, social and environmental
  • Career and personal development

We also offer a range of parental leave support so that all employees can choose how to spend time with their family. These include:

  • Maternity leave – In addition to Statutory Maternity Pay of six weeks at 90% of your salary, we offer                        100% of your salary for the first 24 weeks depending on your length of service.
  • Adoption leave – We offer 100% of your salary for the first 24 weeks of adoption leave. The                                          eligibility criteria is the same as for maternity leave.
  • Paternity leave – We offer 100% of your salary for two weeks of paternity leave, subject to length of                          service.
  • Shared parental leave – If you wish to share parenting responsibilities more evenly, we mirror the                              maternity and adoption leave policies by offering 24 weeks at 100% of your salary.